1. Q. What is Usiamas
    A. Usiamas is a shorter name of  an organization called Persatauan      Kebajikan Usiamas Malaysia, literally translated: the Malaysian Golden      Age Welfare Association.

  2. Q. What does this association do?
    A. As a welfare, non-profit  organization, Usiamas foremost objective is     contribute to members of society, regardless of age. Members, who are     fifty years and above, willing and able, in the spirit of active aging, get     together to map out activities for the community at large regardless of     race, religion and political affiliation.
  3. Q.What are the activities?
    A. The activities are varied and they keep changing from time to time     depending on the resources; manpower and finance. At the moment the     activities are as follow:
    • Training for the elderly: how to live optimally after retirement.
    • Promotion of Noble Values (Pronova)
    • Home Help Services
  4. Q. What is Usiamas?activity which currently impacts the community?
    A. The most impactful of the projects currently being practised by Usiamas     is the Home Help Service for Older Persons (OPs). Under this programme     which was officially launched in June 2005, 30 volunteers had been     trained to provide services for selective 15 OPs with the assistance of     HelpAge Korea through the Asean Secretariat. (More of this under Home     Help Services section to be included in due course).
  5. Q. How to become a member?
    A. Membership is opened to all Malaysian individuals and associations. For     individual membership there are three types: for those fifty years and     above age they could opt to be an ordinary member or life member. Life     membership means one pays only once a subscription of RM50.00 and the     Ordinary membership fee is RM20.00 annually. Those who are below 50     years of age could also be members and they are called Associated     Members
  6. Q. How do I become an active participant?
    A. Usiamas welcomes all members to be active members as they add to the     dynamism of the association. They can either be elected to the Executive     Committee or taking part in one of the list of activities listed above
  7. Q. I want to know more about Usiamas.
    A. You can either call at the office situated on the 16th Floor of Bangunan     PERKIM, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, or call the office at 03 4042 2201.

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